Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cold weather is amazing.

I would pick cold, windy, rainy weather over summer. It seems like the days around this time of year are more laid-back. Hot chocolate, venti lattes and coffee at Starbucks. Panera Bread, and hot soup to warm you up. Food and drinks start testing better when hot. Baking more than usual, cookies, brownies, cupcakes and what not. Layers, layers, layers. Scarves, leggings, thermals, and beanies. Sweaters, pea coats, and hoodies. Jackets, leather jackets. Bust out the high socks, the sneakers, and the boots. Being in class or at home, listening to the rain drip and drop outside. You step outside and feel the cool breeze against your face. Ice skating, and walking around downtown or something in cold weather. Sleeping with warm blankets. Here comes everyone’s favorite: cuddling. Being with your significant other.. whether on the couch, laying in bed, sitting on a bench outside. Holding each other tight, making small talk and conversing. Enjoying each other’s company.
Fall and winter definitely bring good vibes.

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