Thursday, October 28, 2010

A girl with no class is a turn off.

I saw a facebook status similar to this.
BITCH you aint NOTHIN compared to me ! your all TALK but your sorry ass cant even run up ! you better check yourself before i fukcn beat your stupid ass DUMB BITCH . next time i fuckn see your ass BEST BELIEVE ima regulate on your ugly ass tricc self . think twice before doggin me again dumb bitch . yeah you talkin shit just cuhz your FUKCN JEALOUS hater ! SUCC MY DICC HOE .

Damn. Really now? You’re.. I don’t know.. around 20 years old and you’re still talking like that? Its funny.. because some people that talk like that claim they’re on some “grown shit” and aren’t for drama. Ironic isn’t it? Learn how to make a valid argument without having to cuss your way out of it, and spelling wouldn’t hurt. Then again, you were probably too busy focused on “your grind” back in high school. *Sigh*

If I were a guy, I would not want to take a hoodrat back home to my mother. Just saying.

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