Friday, November 5, 2010

New M&M Pretezels!

Hi loves!
I'm gunna tell you something amazing about this pack of M&Ms.
They are so good, delious, sweet, and salty! They even have pretezels
in it! Isn't that cool?! I think it is.. If you don't like it, too bad.. You're
just missing out on something good! Ha, for you. I made my mom go and
get these for me.. actually she was going to the grocery store, so I demanded
her to get it for me!! ;) Go get yourself a pack, and you'll love me for telling ya.

Tgif! Totally off topic, but my boyfriend is mad at me right now for no
good reason. I think someone else pissed him off, and he's just talking it
out on me.. how nice of him.. huh? Oh well.. haven't talk to him yet bcuz
apparently, he's NOT picking up my calls. Jerkface!! :)